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Nebula Elevates Top Creator Sam Denby to Chief Content Officer

The first-of-its-kind, creator-owned and operated streaming service has entrusted one of its founding members to lead content and development for the pioneering platform.

As entertainment’s business model continues to buckle under fair-compensation pushback from artists and creatives alike, Nebula has tapped one of their top creators, Sam Denby (Wendover, Jet Lag), to take the role of chief content officer in a move aimed at highlighting the company’s priority of keeping direction and power in the hands of its creators.

Dave Wiskus

Excited about this latest addition to the Nebula leadership team, CEO Dave Wiskus underlined the significance of this move stating, “the process for developing Nebula Originals should be creator-led, so we turned to a creator with a solid track record for format development across production styles and genres to lead the charge on content as we continue to expand our originals slate for Nebula.”

This announcement comes on the heels of additional shifts in the company’s focus for the year ahead as originals and content development get a serious boost of funding and resources in an effort to create a more robust library of original content that is uniquely Nebula.

Sam Denby

“We have an extremely ambitious roadmap for Nebula Originals, and I’m thrilled by the confidence Nebula has placed in me to lead that growth,” said Sam Denby. “Our goal is to develop concepts that are simply more unique than those that emerge from traditional, often risk-averse content development processes. Nebula should be the home to ‘bizarrely good.’”

About Nebula

Launched in 2019, Nebula is both the largest and fastest growing creator-built premium streaming service. The success of the indie platform has been built upon the pioneering premise that the future of the creator economy should belong to the creators, and that philosophy has led to the release of many hit exclusives and originals, including the extremely popular travel game show Jet Lag: The Game, the Shakespearian trans-coming-out story of The Prince, and the debut film from Patrick Willems Night of the Coconut. Nebula has successfully charted its own path in the streaming space since its inception — earning a reputation for being where creators go to develop premium content that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. The video and podcast streaming service focuses on both intellectually nutritious topics and prestige fiction with a refreshing and trailblazing approach. Nebula has successfully broken the mold with 180+ creators who are not only instrumental in rounding out the platform’s library, but also in building the roadmap for the company’s daily operations and carefully curating its creator community. This past year alone, Nebula has more than tripled its direct subscriber base, and is second only to Netflix in customer retention. In 2024, the company was listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies.”

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